All that glitters has to be gold, all that reflects has to be daimonds, and all that shines is totally white gold. It is not just gold daimonds and silver but also white gold, yellow gold and precious gems. In a class of its own, Golden Palace Gold & Jewellery Centre is the ultimate stop in Yangon, Myanmar to grant all of your golden desires. At a carefully appointed location in the centre of the gold market, Golden Palace Gold & Jewellery is the glowing branch of all citizens in Yangon. Golden Palace Gold & Jewellery Centre is heart of both Dr. Aung Kyaw Win and Dr. Thet Thet Khine. This formidable management team made their maiden foray into the realm of jewellery trade in Myanmar.

Our evolution of this jewelry business and manufacturing starts at a small jewelry shop in a market in 1990. The goldsmith produced products for us and we started selling a little by little. Our income rose and soon, we came to a point when we realized that our business was having a good start. So, we exaggerated our business by buying a retail shop in 1994 which was the right decision to make because, our shop became more popular and well known in about 1-2 years. We became market leaders and bought another retail outlet in 2000. Our next big decision was to develop our shop into a jewelry centre but to do that, there had to be a more efficient and convenient way. In 2004, we had a jewelry factory in the name of Jewel Collection Manufacturing with two types of production; traditional method and mechanized method, which were both very efficient. With the availability of skilled labour force, we became the productive manufacturer. In 2007, we established a retailed arm in Singapore with the name of Victorious Gems. There were different sets of challenges in the international market that we have to face; high operative cost, extremely intense competition, and giant competitors in terms of market share and financial strengths.

Golden Palace is the market leader and we try to be updated about the market trends and customer tastes. We must keep in touch with the world at the same time and at the moment, we are trying for Victorious Gems to go along with the trend and preference of people in the international market. Finally, Jewel Collection is being consistent and making a great business for products of both Victorious Gems and Golden Palace.